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But a Ruby and Sapphire Remake would not make any sense unless they added Emeralds Storyline. Emerald is the canon Hoenn game currently, and unlike crystal for gold and silver, the storyline was changed quite a bit.

Also, Game Freak has never cited when RSE takes place. Red and Green were remade because they had to be in order to get all the Pokemon. RSE were most likely put into their own zone, and judging from earlier posts including where Steven was the Champion of Hoenn in HGSS and then both Wallace and Steven were the Champions in Black 2 and White 2, the games (in Emeralds case) would have had to taken place after HGSS. Unless HGSS are not to be considered canon.

You can also check Bulbapedia, there is no reference that I have seen where RSE takes place.