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Quote originally posted by Forever:
Starmie doesn't have the best Defenses, so Thunder Wave doesn't do much for it (except in rain, when there's a set in which t-wave is an option although you're generally better off with the set given if you're running Starmie in general), because that's better for more defensive Pokemon. It can run a Scald set, however, without any weather needed. Its purpose is to be a special attacker and Spin, for the most part, p much. It's better as a full on special attacker, due to its speed and power in general, and just hope Thunderbolt paralyses something instead. However, as for Psychic, generally Psyshock does better in OU as it hits things like Chansey/Blissey, however for the most part the extra coverage of Psychic-attacks aren't that necessary as it doesn't really hit notable things that much.
Ok one last question. What about moves like Reflect, Light screen, or Protect?
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