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My good moment...I never did have one.

A bad moment...probably the fact that I made a Shiny Tentacruel faint/running away from that exact Pokemon. Man, that was good and all, finding a Shiny went like...
(flashback ripple)
I was surfing around Route 42 or something...
When I got into a battle, the fateful battle...
The Shiny Tentacruel appeared!
I quickly attacked and afterwards...
I threw a certain Poke Ball variant that I forgot.
It escaped from the ball.
I kept throwing Poke Balls...
It kept escaping.
And so, I attacked, thinking that it wouldn't do a lot of damage, simply making its HP bar go red.
But it was a critical hit, and it fainted.
(flashback ripple)
That was probably how it happened.
If not, well, get rid of the critical hit bit, and it fainted out of an attack, simple. Or...I ran away from it after trying to catch it a few times, thinking that I'll find another one someday. Right.

I don't have a terrible experience...well, no.
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