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Sorry for the double post everyone. Today I come with an update. It has fixes, fixes, and more fixes. Update quickly if you still want to be relevant!

  • Decapitalized "GRUNT" for the new Rocket Grunt on Route 11
  • Updated documentation with information on newly-used flags.
  • Fixed an inaccuracy in the music hacking notes, discovered by Jambo51.
GB Player:
  • Fixed a noise instrument inconsistency with the 8-Bit title theme.
Catch 'em All:
  • The new Rocket Grunt no longer appears on Route 11 until after you get all eight badges and check out the start of the new event in Lavender Town. Thanks to timson733333 for pointing that out.
  • The Rocket Grunt now has an AI of 50, making him more difficult than all the other male Rocket Grunts in the entire game.

Who says hacks have to radically changes things up from their base games?
Click Red to check out a "definitive" version of his adventure in Kanto!
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