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Posts: 34,599 which you could download a five minute animated mini-episode (fully animated, much like the cut-scenes within the games themselves) of something that happened in Unova's past. Of everything you only see it really told, but witness nothing really. Of those choices we have... things like the twin dragons thing, N's childhood, Kyurem "landing", the one Musketeer leaving the others, Genesect's creation (kind of?), and other things. You could only download one of these on each game.

Of each of the "major" events (some I've forgotten and haven't mentioned, but you can include them too) you could watch that happened in Unova's past, which would you pick to watch on your game? And which do you think would be the least amusing? Also describe how you think the entire thing (of what you picked) could be summed up into a five minute mini-episode! Discuss. :)
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