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Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
Great name, wonder where it came from (wink, wink)

what you want is around Solaceon Town. and this is without looking it up. also,, for those of you fledgling hunters, is a great place that has all the latest Pokemon news, and has maps and locations of every Poke in the games. this is usually how i decide where to hunt sometimes.

Well, Thanksgiving came and went, i worked overnight the past two nights, survived Black Friday at work, and been resetting for Ho-Oh all day, hoping for the shiny Turkey to shine for me (in HeartGold, i kinda stopped the hunt for awhile), but so far, nothing. ah well
Thanks X)

Yeah, I just couldn't remember the name of the town or the route number. Honestly, I just haven't shiny hunted in a while...probably 3ish weeks (and I was just breeding Turtwig to get a shiny one as a Christmas gift for a friend).

Oh, good luck with the Ho-Oh. I reset my version of SoulSilver, so I haven't encountered any legendary Pokemon. It would be pretty difficult and too time-consuming to get shiny Entei/Suicine/Raikou. Perhaps I'll go after Lugia or the bird trio, instead.
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