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I'll be that programmer you need, although if it is Flash it will take me a while to get used to it (I haven't done flash in a year or two)


If you want, I could change this to use my Java Pokemon Engine, which can support multiplayer.

Upsides of converting:

I already know what to do here.
I am working on an editor for it which will make the creation go faster and easier.
It supports Open GL/AL/CL which are some pretty useful things (ported through LWGJL)

Downsides of converting:

You will need to re-create the maps/events/ect. (excluding audio/graphical resources)

The downside can be removed however if I create a loader for the maps/events/ect.
Things I'm working on:
Pokemon Essentials GTS System
Pokemon Essentials Mach & Acro Bike Script
PvP Script
Random Battle Generator

If you wish to donate to me you can do so here:

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