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This is a sequel to The Checkers Story. Please read that befor reading this. It'll make a lot more sense.

I'm Aspen. I lived with my mom and dad until I was a Lv. 15 Umbreon. That's when, it happened. I was walking out to gather berries and stubled upon a rock. All the berries spilled. I fell. Down, down, down, then SPLASH!! I landed in a hole. I looked up. The trees were replaced with tall buildings, that scraped the sky. The pokemon where walking next to trainers, with food I've never seen before. "I don't think I'm in Johto anymore." I said. I sniffed. "Ugh! What is that smell?" I looked down. At my paws was rancid, sewer water. "Blech!" I said. I looked around. The only light was from the sewage grate above my head and from my glowing yellow rings. The sun started to set. The a street lamp clicked on. Then a whole line of them. Suddenly the city was as bright as day. But barely anyone was out. My stomach growled. "I have to find food." And so for three days I ate from dumpsters. Then another Umbreon appeared. From the same sewage grate. She was all white. "Hi." I said. "Agh!" She screamed. "Don't catch me! " She opened her mouth. A white ball, Shadow Ball I presumed, formed. "No stop! I'm not a trainer!" The ball went out. "Good. What is your name?" she said. "I'm Aspen. Who are you?" Her rings changed color, from orange to green. "Woah!" I said. "What? Oh! That? Yeah my rings change to match my mood." She explained. "I'm Checkers by the way. Checkers the Albino Umbreon." She smiled. We got to know each other. I showed her all the best places to find food. And she told me all the colors her rings could change. One night I slept in a puddle, because otherwise Checkers would. The next morning she screamed. "ASPEN!!" I woke up suddenly. "What?! What happened?!" She pointed at me. "You. Your not. YOU!" I looked down.

I'll write more later! Great cliffhanger eh?
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