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Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
As much as I love editors, the ones that are made in Java look terrible. It's still a neat idea and can let you separate and abstract things better than GameMaker would.

I've actually found something that can make that ugly GUI look better. It will give you a native window but it's up to you to use actually use it. An article here.
Alright, this one's in C++ and it's not for my kit before you ask (I made this long before I decided my kit).

Click image for larger version

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Also forgot to say, the battle folder contains:

Pokemon Sprites -- Obviously the Pokemon Battle Sprites (debating to sub front and back folders)
Battle Backgrounds -- Obviously the Backgrounds for battles
-- Battle Characters Folder --
Pokemon -- Pokemon Data Storage
Trainers -- Trainer Data Storage (I'll split this into trainer types and trainers)

Also notice that I created 2 different map types, one which will be a regular map editor and the other (which will take a while) will be a fully featured 3D map editor.

Anyways, I'll check out the link for less ugly windows.
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