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Quote originally posted by Gerokunz:
Thanks for NoctoBall! It's greater than mines! xD
I'm sure your PokéBalls are great, too, but thank you! Tell your friends and come back soon!

Quote originally posted by Sudeki:
Fusion :
User Name: Sudeki
First Pokémon: Absol
Second Pokémon: Blastoise
Colour Palette: Absol's with maybe some dark reds
Notes: Could the dominate body be absol?
Hope you have fun with mine! Please enjoy yourself.
It's a hard request, and all I could do was put Absol's head on Blastoise's body. I can't do much with it, and I'm sorry.

If you want a redo, you can always ask for one.

Quote originally posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon:
Hi! LilJz1234 sent me here. I'd like two special pokeballs
User Name: Checkers (for short)
Pokémon: Albino Umbreon
Um. well. The rings. Can they be Red? And can the bottom of the ball be red. It's the same thing only swapped. Please add the ears and tail.

User Name: Checkers
Pokemon: Buizel
Notes: Can the bottom of the ball be blue? And can you add the tail and that little thing on his head? Um...Please?
Take your time, have fun and Vistor Message me when your done. Thank You!
I won't forget to say thanks to LilJz1234. Haha. Here's your requests!

I made two versions of the Buizel Ball, so you can choose. Oh, and here's a bonus gift from me. It was fun making an Albino Umbreon.

If this isn't what you wanted, ask for a redo. Also, thank you, Checkers, for supporting me in your signature! It means a lot!
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