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Soooo sorry I haven't been online and updating, guys. I had to leave PC for a week -- let's just say school hates my guts.

Anyways, Farmworld Finn, also known as Finn Mertens, is now Character of the Week. Also, here's a new topic, since the old one is long gone.

If you were a character in Adventure Time, who would you be?

No, I'm not asking which character you choose to be. I'm asking who you want to be. If you were in Ooo or Aaa, who are you? Describe your appearance, your traits, and if you want, your weapon of choice. It's like a role-play.

To answer the topic, I'd be a light Guardian. Sort of like a princess, but a princess who loves adventure. I live in the Light Kingdom, situated somewhere far away from people, because once you see my kingdom, you'll be blind almost immediately. I use my powers to light things up. Without me, the whole world will be engulfed in darkness. Mwahahaha.

So, uh, role-play away!

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