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Originally Posted by sunshinesan View Post
Care to expound on that?
What pokemon do you consider ugly. It's what's inside that counts!(a.k.a. stats, movepool, lol)
Sometimes I don't like a pokemon design but like thier idea origin or something like that, then I start to like it.
But really even if a pokemon have massive stats and awesome movepool I simply can't use it because I don't like it. s:

Pokemon I consider the most ugly:
Marmatinian family, Amoongus family, Mr Mime, Porygon family, Jynx, Magmortar, Heatran, Rhyperior, Hippowdon, Hariyama, Pinsir, Qwilfish, Nosepass family, Azumarill family, Lickilicky, Loudred, Drownzee, Pignite, Emboar... Yup, I guess they're the pokemon that would never exist in my team and neither any of my boxes.

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