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Team ThunderBolt

Intro to Rom hack: The inspiration of making this hack was pokemon ash gray and it covered mostly all the events so i thought to myself why not make a hack about the hoenn series? since that was one of my favorite series i gathered this team so that we Rom hackers can showcase a good anime hack to the pokemon community like people wanted for some time. lets have fun and make a great hack!

Current Project:
Pokemon Advanced Challenge
Hack of pokemon Ruby

Game's Features:
-Play as Ash Ketchum
-catch the pokemon that ash catches or your favorites
-new scripts and maps
-2 movie events
- day and night system

Storyline of rom hack: Many of you have watched the anime so you may know. You are ash ketchum you've placed top 16 in the kanto league and top 8 in the johto league but your journey to become a pokemon master doesn't stop there, you are on a new journey in the region of hoenn along with your friends May,Max,Brock and pikachu of course! this includes seasons 6,7,8,9 and the 2 movie events along with the special: pokemon the mastermind of the mirage pokemon! your journey to become a pokemon master starts now!

Title Screen editor
any other skills that i didn't mention above can still apply!

Ashketchum24(me) Leader, Scripter, sprite inserter
Members: Flamebot: Alpha/Beta Tester
Zortac: Music inserter
Manadhon/ThatoneGurl: Scripter
Kaedearagaki: Mapper,Scripter


made by karatekidd552

made by: kirakongxi

Name or Nickname:
your skills:
Time Zone:
Contact info(Email,Twitter Etc
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