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Can you feel it?
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Two more requests ! Banner & Avatar

ϡ Banner

Username: Sudeki
Background/Background Color: Deep Blue
Picture: [Pic?]Absol ready to attack/pounce / or already attacking etc.
is preferred.
Font: [Which Font do you want?] Same as you used in my current avatar.
Text: [What?]Absol
Mini-Text: [What again?]Can you feel it?
Do you want Black Outline?: [Yes or No?]Yes
Extra: [Say something!]Have fun!

ϡ Avatar

Username: Sudeki
Background/Background Color: Same as above
Picture: [Pic?]Absol. A Cute/Peaceful one is preferred
Font: [Which Font do you want?]Same as above
Text: [What?]Absol
Do you want Black Outline?: [Yes or No?]Yes
Extra: [Say something!]
Please have some fun doing my requests :}