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So i saw there was another sign-up, hopefully I could still put mine up, haven't been able to work much on it due to the whole thanksgiving thing. Some parts are a little brief, so if you need me to be a little more detailed on say the personality, I can. Just wanted to get this up while I have the time.

Name: Savannah Hawking [Baccara]
Age: 16
Country: United States of America
Current Level: 20
Weapon: 2H Sword
Non-Combat Skills: Taming/Forgery

Her character was originally modeled after BlackRose, a character from a similarly themed game she once played, however as her appearance changed to reflect the real world and her armor progressively changed as she levels; the familiarity between the two has evolved to be very vague.

Savannah is an African American girl and as such her character has a fair shade of brown skin, with faint tan tribal tattoos all over her body as residue from her original character design. The girl stands at around 5’5 with a thin frame supplemented by fair curves riding down from her chest to her legs. Her eyes once a spectacular shade of red is now a lackluster shade of brown due to the change brought about in her in game appearance. Her hair was once styled into three pink, nearly white, bangs, that stay and cut to be around neck length, but due to the appearance change it is now a black and curly afro, a rather uncommon sight in this game.

Savannah is a fiery girl. Quick to action and quick to die down, recent events have caused her to be a little cooler than usual but in her norm, she prefers to be the first into battle. She likes the all-in or nothing approach however she has realized this isn’t the wisest things to do in current circumstance, usually leaving her defaulting to nothing.Due to losing her guild, she tries to shy away from making connections with people, though she has no problem with ordinary conversation or even making fun with people and as part of Azure’s influence, Savannah has begun to grow her nurturing side, being highly protective of her pet.

Life before SAO:
Savannah was an ordinary girl living her life as any other teenager would. School from 8-3 on weekdays, occasional days dedicated to shopping, long nights doing homework (that had no rhyme or reason to the young girls mind), arguments with parents, trying to look pretty, beating herself up over little things, and the usual worrying about boys and the drama with ‘friends’; all the little things in life that make it what it is as a teenager. However one thing that made her just a little different from other girls her age was her long held (casual) love of videogames.

This adoration for games was given to her by her elder brother, Vincent Hawking, who introduced her to games at the age of five. Being her elder by only a year the two became very close by playing games together over the years. The two loved working together and messing with each other in cooperative games and motivating or taking turns in single player games. It made the two come spend a lot of time with each other that evolved into other activities beyond just games. Her big brother was her most loved figure in her life and videogames was the first pillar in creating their relationship and still remains a solid one today.

Vincent was in fact the person who introduced Savannah to Sword Art Online, suggesting that the two could play together during their free time. Naturally Savannah agreed and the two went out and bought their own respective NerveGears to play the game, however when it came time to play Vincent had some business with friends he had to take care of and decided to tell his sister to play the game on her own, taunting that she needed a head start if she had any plans on keeping up with him. After a quick goodbye Savannah started up the game unbeknownst to her that was the last goodbye she was going to give her brother for a very long time.

Summary of first month in Aincrad:
  • Joins a small guild called Azure on her first day
  • Stays with the guild for the first month, enjoys time in the game.
  • Took on the role as guild blacksmith
  • Guild is wiped in a dungeon on the 4th floor. Savvanah continues the dungeon
  • Decides to continue the dungeon, figuring she had to finish it for her guild that she loved so much.
  • Savannah miraculously reaches the end of the dungeon,through a lot of luck, and finds a rare blue bird monster that spawns in the dungeon that her guild was originally trying to find and use as a mascot.
  • She tames in and names it after her fallen guild: Azure.
  • With new resolve she decides that it was her duty to fight on the frontline and in the memory of her guild.

Roleplay Sample:

Swords Art Online

The world’s first VMMORPG, one of the most anticipated games of the year; in fact one could say that this game was the most anticipated game since the conception of videogames themselves. Virtual reality was finally perfected and now people have a chance at experiencing it. To finally be able to live in a world of your own creation: what was once a faraway and perfect fantasy has finally come only to reveal itself to be a truly terrifying nightmare.

Here one girl sits, experiencing the perfect nightmare with her own hands and her four other senses as well. She was outfitted with particularly revealing armor and an absurdly large sword; the standard armor of a female JRPG protagonist. She sat idly in an enormous field of grass; a standard RPG setting.
The girl moved her right arm in front of her and instantly she summoned a two dimensional menu in front of her. She played with the menu for a moment and soon she began to mutter a few words.

“So I have no money, no items, no friends, and most importantly I have no brother…

So I’m in a world where I literally have nothing and to make things even worse,

I’m stuck here.”

The girl let out a heavy sigh and let her weight pull her back down to the ground. Back to the grass, she stared up to the sky above her.

“How did this happen?

We were supposed to play together,

Now I’m stuck here, for God knows how long…”

The girl rolled in frustration before stopping, her face in the ground. She felt the grass poking into her and the dirt sitting on her body. It felt very real, but she was well aware that everything she was feeling was fake. Just the stupid helmet she was wearing messing with her brain, a stupid helmet she couldn’t even feel anymore. She patted her head, flattening her hair a little.

“This sucks.

This really, really, really sucks.”

She waddled about a little bit more, before she got up filled with energy.

“Only one thing to do then, beat this game and get back home!”

With those words she bounced into action off to begin her adventure as a citizen of Aincrad.


The girl worked her way to a nearby forest, an area designated for beginners to start leveling. Naturally she managed to find some boars, the usual first kill of players in this game. Silently, the girl pulled the great sword from behind her back and with a daring thrust the girl slashed at a defenseless boar, easily defeating it with one hit. The creatures vaporized and quickly turned into a menu explaining the reward the girl received by killing it.
She smiled at her accomplishment and moved on to the next boar. However, this boar was already glaring at the girl when she turned. Fueled by what seemed like rage the boar attacked the girl immediately. Surprised by the assault she took the hit, receiving a bit of damage as indicated from her health bar over her head. She swung her sword as a means of getting the animal away, killing it off quickly. Just as the girl finished her swing, she was once again hit by another boar. In response she sloppily swung her sword around immediately killing the monster.
She took then took her time to count that there were three boars around her, each bloodthirsty and ready to attack the girl. The first boar came rushing in to attack the girl only to be deflected away with the blunt of the girl’s blade. As a counter the girl slashed as the boar, killing it immediately.

There were now two boars. Shortly after her attack, a bump hit her side, followed by another from the remaining boars. The girl quickly realized a flaw of using a two handed sword, though her attacks were strong, they were slow and the time she needs to react is too much for her to be able to get away without any damage. She quickly realized she needed to be careful with her attacks.

Taking a hope back the girl slashed horizontally, hitting both boars, killing both of them at the same time. She grinned as she saw an advantage to her gigantic sword. With the death of all of the boars, the girl returned her blade to her back and nodded a job well done.

“…and that’s that.”

Trumpets played in her head to celebrate the victory.


The girl worked her way through the forest, killing many monsters on her way. With each victory the girl grew more and more confident. She was certain that she could beat this game in a few months if things continued in this fashion. She slowly began to take more and more risk, taking on more and more monsters that were progressively stronger than the unexciting boars.

Things changed as the girl spotted a goblin stumbling around in the forest. It was short, with long ears, and pasty brown skin. It had a sash over its shoulder and a small blade on its side. It wore a rounded red hat that covered its eyes. It wasn’t a monster you would take very seriously in an RPG.

While the girl was examining the monster, the monster took note of her. It quickly dash towards the girl slashing at her abdomen. A chunk of her health dropped from the one attack. In a split section reaction, she sloppily swung the bulk of her sword at the goblin launching it a small distance away. The goblin took some time to regain its footing before coming in to attack again. The girl managed to block the attack and using all her strength, lopped the goblins head off with a single swing.

The girl let out a sigh as she looked at the small amount of health she had left. She then understood how much of the risk she just put herself through. She turned to leave, only to have her face fall back as she saw history repeat itself. There were now two goblins standing in front of her. Well aware that she couldn’t possibly defeat all of them, she turned to run, only to be welcomed by an additional goblin blocking her path. The three monsters circled around her giving her no chance to escape.

Fear struck the girl with the reality of how bad this situation was. Slowly she pulled her sword to defend herself from the monsters. The blade wobbled in the girl’s hand, show just how much the fear sapped at her confident. She stared back and forth at the goblins around her franticly.

“I’m going to die…”

One goblin took a step forward for an attack.

“I need to fight…”

The goblin lunged at the girl with a small dagger. The girl blocked the attack and sliced at the goblin, pushing him back.

“I have a chance…”

A second goblin came in with a similar attack. The girl managed to block the attack again and took away a chunk of his health.

“I am strong… I will w-“

The girl mutted before looking down onto her other side. A small dagger poked out from her waist. She fell to her knees and finally fell face first into the ground.

“So I’m going to die now. What a waste.”

The girl frowned at the prospect of her end. It seemed like such a stupid end.

“To die playing a game. How stupid.

I didn’t even get to play this game for a whole day and I die.

And now I’ll be dead forever? Ha! How stupid.”

Tears started to form in her eye as she watched her life bar drain. Her tears fell to wet ground below them. She continued to bear herself up in her mind as her time came trickling to an end.

“Look at me, bum up in the middle of nowhere, dying because some stupid goblin stuck a dagger in me that I couldn’t stop. How pathetic. How ****ing pathetic. That’s what I am, pathetic.




With that last thought a rage built inside her soul. This wasn’t right; she couldn’t just let herself die like this, crying over her own self-pity. That wasn’t someone she wanted to be and this wasn’t going to be the person she was going to be last seen as. This wasn’t why she decided to play this game, this wasn’t who her brother wanted her to be and this wasn’t who she was going to be!

She looked to her health bar; there was about a sliver of health left, enough for her to continue fighting. Understanding that, she pulled the last bit of her strength and finally the girl got up. If she was going to die, she decided that she was going to die fighting. She readied her blade to fight those darn goblins, but to her surprise there was not a single goblin in sight.

Instead there was only one person, a boy with two daggers in his hand. He grinned as he saw that the girl was in a battle stance in front of him.

“Oh so the poison finally wore off! I was afraid you were gunna die there.”

The boy put away his daggers and walked over to the girl grinning from ear to ear. He seemed incredibly happy to have been able to help the girl. He pulled out a potion in her hand and threw it over to the girl.
“Go ahead and use that, you really could use it.”

The girl responded with a half-hearted thanks, she was a big shaken through the surge of emotions she just felt and was a little unnerved that they were all for naught as the boy finished off her enemies without her realizing it.
The boy responded with a laugh. He didn’t seem too bothered by the girl almost rude attitude. Her walked over next to the girl,

“Only a ‘thanks?’ Hahaha! I think you should be thanking me with much more!”

He patted the girl on the back before pulled her closer to him. He then turned his head to a message to her:
“If you know what I mean.”

The girl looked over towards him surprised, only to be welcomed by a suggestive glare. He was immediately be pushed away by young girl.

“Are you serious…?”

The girl looked at him in confusion that was slowly turning into disgust. The boy responded with a laugh with his earlier grin returning to his face,

“Oh, I’m totally serious.”

There was a momentary pause.

“Well I’m guess I’m out then.” The girl said, mocking his odd grin he’s been throwing out. She turned to walk away.

“Hey, hey, I was only joking. Please stay, I have a few things I want to ask.” The girl paused, crossed her arms, and without looking back she replied, the grin still on her face.

“Go on.”

“Okay, first off why were you out her, this place is a bit too high leveled for you don’t you think?”
The girl took a moment and responded.

“I got lost.”

“Okay more important question: are you interested in joining my guild? It’s called Azure and I’m trying to recruit people and I’d think you’d be a good member!”

The girl took even longer before answering this question. This guy was a little odd, but he did just save her life and he did seem a little fun. Furthermore he did just save her life, as much as she disliked it, so he did owe him and having a guild would probably prevent situations like this from happening again and she most didn’t want this to happen again.

“Yeah sure, why not?

The girl turned to the boy and smiled.

“Awesome! Now before we get back to town to get everything straightened out, do you mind telling me your name?”

The girl smiled,

“Well, just call me Bacarra. “

“Oh I’m disappointed, I was expecting something else. Well, my name is Kite, nice to meet you.”
“Kite, huh, I like that name.”

Bacarra grinned as she walked off with the boy.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A beautiful friendship with an unfortunate destiny.
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