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As a "dealer," I can tell you the chances of getting laced marijuana are fairly slim. No one is going to waste a 60 dollar bag of blow to lace 5 bucks worth of pot. And since the prescription pills can go for at least 5 bucks a pop and youd need a lot more than one to even lace a couple of buds. Unless you just happen to have a lot of drugs lying around... youd go broke. Quick. It just doesnt happen. If they have an ulterior motive they might.... but that brings the discussion to a whole new area that we dont need to go into.

Edit: as for pcp... in liquid form... thats a couple hundo per oz. I dont know how much youd need to lace weed... but its still profit loss if your putting it on your weed and still selling it for the same price. When people lace cannabis with pcp is mostly so that THEY can smoke it. I know there are people who would and do lace it... but that minority is so small when it comes to marijuana.

Edit edit: and arresting people for having a pound... um what? No! Thats what were kind of fighting against. That would not be legalization. You cant chalk up the law to YOUR smoking habits. I could easily go through a pound in a day. Easily.

Also... i dont know anyone who sells because its "fun". They sell because they need the money....
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