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Name: Jaden Valentius Kiton

Nickname: ???(Its a secret....)

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Dorm: Raikou

Appearence: He has a black trench coat with rips around it, he hides his face with a marowak skull from his dead pokemon, he has a belt which he has a bone hanging from it that he uses if his pokemon can't save him. He has a fair skin tone and messy orange hair.

Personality: He is usually mute unless he can trust the person. He is like this mainly because he lost his marowak because of his best friend, now only trusting himself mainly. He is protective of those he does trust though.

History: As a boy, he had a cubone he played with, when his parents said he could come to this island when he was fourteen, his best friend mistakenly killed his marowak which recently evolved, he then ran away with his other pokemon, leaving everything, he then traveled to the island to train, so that this will never happen again. He still has his pokemon's skull and bone club.

Pokemon: 2
Species: Ariados and Fearow
Nicknames: Alandos and Kayla(Respectively)
Ariados: Kind of crazy when it comes to battling.
Fearow: Naive and Stubborn to everyone except Jaden.
Ariados: 21
Fearow: 25
Ariados: Venoshock, Toxic and Bite
Fearow: Fly, Drill Peck and Screech