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Time to update. Before I do, I will say that I taught Angewomon Focus Blast and Thunderbolt, and also changed her nickname to Benihime.

-Challenged Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty
-Thunderbolt OHKO Politoed
-Two hits of Psychic eliminated Lanturn
-Focus Blast OHKO Lapras
-Thunderbolt OHKO Starmie
-Thunderbolt OHKO Vaporeon
-Thunderbolt OHKO Golduck
-Leader Misty was defeated

-Received the Cascade Badge and TM03 Water Pulse
-Registered Misty in the PG

-Challenged Vermillion City Gym Leader Lt. Surge
-Earth Power OHKO Magnezone
-Earth Power OHKO Electivire
-Earth Power OHKO Electrode despite it using Double Team
NB: I know that Electrode is one of the fastest Pokemon, but how would it manage to move faster at Lv.61 than a Pokemon that is at Lv.96?
-Earth Power OHKO Ampharos
-Earth Power OHKO Raichu
-Sheer Cold OHKO Jolteon
-Leader Lt. Surge was defeated

-Received the Thunder Badge and TM34 Shock Wave
-Registered Lt. Surge in the PG
-Withdrew Togepi from the PC
-Travelled through Rock Tunnel and arrived in Lavender Town
NB: Rock Tunnel is the reason I brought Togepi with me.
-Deposited Togepi in the PC
-Received the EXPN Card
-Shirayuki finally reached Lv. 100
-Saved progress for now

Shirayuki/Glaceon Lv.100 @Amulet Coin
Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Earth Power, Iron Tail

Benihime/Gardevoir Lv.99 @Exp. Share
Thunderbolt, Psychic, Hypnosis, Focus Blast
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