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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Just recently got hooked on Adventure Time (not very far in yet though), so I'm joining!

"I'm an Adventurer, for life~"

Name: Cirno
Favorite Character: Bubblegum so far
Why do you want to become an Adventurer?: I love the colorful art of the show and the characters are really entertaining. <3

If I were a character in the show, it'd probably be Bubblegum. She's really cute and is definitely my favorite so far! But knowing my grumpiness irl, I'd probably do better as Lumpy Space Princess haha.
Welcome to the club, Cirno! LSP looks better on you.

Just to clarify the topic, I quote:

If you were a character in Adventure Time, who would you be?
No, I'm not asking which character you choose to be. I'm asking who you want to be. If you were in Ooo or Aaa, who are you? Describe your appearance, your traits, and if you want, your weapon of choice. It's like a role-play.
'Nuff said.

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