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Ultimate: You could tell by seeing the above

Update #1 on Yellow:

Started the game.
Defeated Rival.
Delivered Oak's Parcel and Bought some Pokeballs.
Caught Brew the Pidgey.
Caught Pigonkey the Mankey.
Defeated Rival again.
Reached Pewter and defeated Brock with Low Kicks.
Brew evolved into a Pidgeotto.
Reached Cerulean and defeated Rival.
Caught Psycho the Abra.
Psycho evolved into a Kadabra and then an Alakazam with TGB-Dual.
Defeated Misty with Mankey who 2HKOed Staryu and 3HKOed Starmie with Karate Chop.


LVL 25

Gust/Sand Attack/Quiz Attack/Whirlwind

LVL 24

Karate Chop/Fury Swipes/Mega Kick/Low Kick

LVL 24


Update #2 on Yellow:

Reached Vermillion
Completed S.S. Anne where I got Cut and Pigonkey Evolved into Primeape
Defeated Lt.Surge
Completed Rock Tunnel without Flash
Completed Rocket Game Corner and Pokemon Tower where Brew Evolved into a Pidgeotto
Got Some TMs
Defeated Snorlax
Completed Cycling Road avoiding most of the trainers
Defeated Koga
Caught Bully the Tauros in the Safari Zone
Got Surf and Strength
Surfed to Cinnabar
Got Kabu the Kabuto and caught Howl the Growlithe to complete my team
Taught them some TMs and Saved. Will defeat Erika in the next update.

Current Team:

Pidgeot LVL 38
Primeape LVL 38
Alakazam LVL 38
Tauros LVL 23
Kabuto LVL 30
Growlithe LVL 34

Will post movesets in next update

Edit: I completed Yellow!

Final Team:

Moving to Crystal now
Update #1 on Crystal:

Started the game
Played until getting Pokeballs
Caught Brew the Pidgey right away and dumped my starter
Trained it Level 12
Reached Violet City and caught Howl the Growlithe
Grinded it to match Pidgey
Defeated Sprout Tower and Falkner
Got through Union Cave
Saved Slowpoke and defeated Rival
Defeated Bugsy easily and saved


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