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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Like the Alakazam Penance really didn't walk with the others. He was too busy to try and talk to them. He was already cooking up his plan and didn't want any interruptions. Interruptions were always the worst things to come when concocting a plan. He was actually very glad when he was indeed left alone. No doubt it was because the others were still feeling hurt over how they had treated him. It would be different soon though, very different. He couldn't help but let his bill form into a small smile as they finally made their way back to the city. The army was actually doing a decent job of restoring order and such to the residents. Vigil left to go and speak to the Generals, giving Penance even more time to perfect any kinks he spied in his thoughts. It was all good, in fact, the others wouldn't catch on until it started. They were inexperienced that way. He just needed some last instruments before he could truly start though.

As Vigil arrived back and began to explain to them what to do Penance just simply nodded. He needed to say as little as possible at the moment and head off for now. He had work to start up on if they were to win this war. While the others headed off to pack Penance instead walked around the city a little bit. There were many abandoned houses and he entered them trying to find what he needed. A hour passed before he finally found it. He grinned and grabbed the sheets of paper and managed to also procure a writing instrument. The first note was to everyone. It was short and sweet and to the point.

Dear Gold Tribe,

I am sorry to do this, but I must head to Cape City immediately. I know of some people there that can help us in this dire hour. You all cannot come, that is the way this must be. I need to prepare for your arrival and all, so just trust me in this. I ask that you all keep an open mind about what happens there, that is all I can ask. You won't be able to find me on your own, trust me with that. There will be a pokemon there who knows all about Cape City. Find him or those associated with him and you'll find me quite easily. I am very.... connected with him. Anyway, I wish you all good luck on your journey.


With the note written Penance reached out with his mind to Cape City. He knew a psychic there he hadn't seen in quite some time. It was a simple message he sent him really. He was coming back to his rightful home. With the message sent Penance reached out to Truestriker's mind letting him know his location as well as where the letter would be. I am leaving now, find my note for an explanation. Oh! Remember, train with that white room!

With the message sent Penance dropped his letter on the ground and smiled as his friend from long ago appeared. With a smile Penance grabbed hold of him and in an instant the two were gone.