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If this isnt the proper place i am sorry but i have to here someone elses input on this. Being one of the faithfuls from redand blue doesnt give me alot of people to talk to about these things in normal day to day life considering im 22 years old now....
But did anyone else notice how sneaky game freak was yet how creative. How brilliant black and white 2 play into their most clever marketing to date?

Lets say... ok we know the fans want a ruby saphire revamp. We also know the fans would like another instalment to black and white.
I tell you what will be awesome if we split the instalment into two parts and double the income. But that would put us behind on ruby and saphire but the best way to do this is to release ruby and saphire with a black and white mask on.

Now to the point i wanna make and share. There is a ton of r/s tiles in black and white 2. A huge amount it just overwhelms me how brilliant it is. Heres the ones ive noticed and some others that i i am guessing.

Reversal mountain- groudon and kyogre respective lairs
Strange house- i am guessing the inside tiles can be the inside tiles that are in the stranded hip
Humilua- pacifidlog town
The plasma frigate- the inside tiles kind of remind me of the space center in r/s
Lentimas town- that route after the mountain lift cart
the route near the seaside cave also reminds me of the r/s route to victory rd

I just thought this was interesting. It may also point out a earlier release to a r/s revamp than some might expect.
Now is there any maps you guys have noticed in bw2 that are similar to rse?