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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
Sorry to say this, but we've known that Iris caught a Dragonite since the episode aired in Japan. Just to let you know, the episodes air in Japan first before the US.
Not everyone watches Subs so don't assume they do... The topic is about Iris Dragonite, not about how long we have known the fact.

This being said this is more suited for character discussion.

And to answer the question of the topic I can't believe it either. It seems as though she really didn't deserve it at that point, and why not give her Hydregion or have the Deino be here go to Dragon after training? At least that way they are promoting Unova pokemon. When I saw Iris with Dragonite too me it just relected on her inadequateness as a Trainer which is why I didn't think she deserved a powerhouse like that at that point in the Saga. At least work on Axew a little bit instead of throwing in Dragonite.

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