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Originally Posted by Ash_Ketchum123 View Post
Man I missed this place >.< Most of you may not know me, but I roleplayed here on PC waaaaay back~ I've always wanted to get back on after my hiatus, but I felt so left out with everything and junk that I just backed out completely ._. I'm glad to be back though. Again. For the third time. I swear I'm here to stay now. I miss RPing here
I know exactly how you feel. XD But it's awesome when you get back into the swing of things again!

Originally Posted by Skymin
Also, speaking of emblems again, if you've ever finished a roleplay (as the GM) or have been roleplaying at PC for 3 or more years, do let me know! It means you're entitled to an emblem! d:
Er, consecutively? Well, I think that not including my hiatuses I might have been RPing for about three years...? >.>