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Quote originally posted by Ash_Ketchum123:
Man I missed this place >.< Most of you may not know me, but I roleplayed here on PC waaaaay back~ I've always wanted to get back on after my hiatus, but I felt so left out with everything and junk that I just backed out completely ._. I'm glad to be back though. Again. For the third time. I swear I'm here to stay now. I miss RPing here
I know exactly how you feel. XD But it's awesome when you get back into the swing of things again!

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
Also, speaking of emblems again, if you've ever finished a roleplay (as the GM) or have been roleplaying at PC for 3 or more years, do let me know! It means you're entitled to an emblem! d:
Er, consecutively? Well, I think that not including my hiatuses I might have been RPing for about three years...? >.>