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Not really an update, but just some info I thought I should let you know:

1) Blue will have his own battle theme like every other rival in the Pokemon games does. I have composed a custom theme for him, and it will basically be a less epic version of Blue's Champion theme. That way when you do battle Blue as a Champion, you'll get this awesome feeling of "OMG I KNOW THIS SONG, BUT IT'S ALL EPIC NOW"

2) Speaking of music hacking, Jambo51 has told me how to extend the Direct Sound tracks available up to 12 (in the GBA Pokemon games, the limit is 5). You can expect to hear some pretty epic music, there are very few songs that I am keeping from the original FireRed game. (As with the Emerald incarnation of DarkViolet I was working on couple years ago, all songs will be in the same key that they were in the Generation I games, NOT FR/LG)

3) And lastly, after careful thought, I have finalized the TM list:
TM List:
1. Focus Blast
2. Dragon Claw
3. Scald
4. Calm Mind
5. Energy Ball
6. Toxic
7. Hail
8. Bulk Up
9. Volt Switch
10. Hidden Power
11. Sunny Day
12. Dragon Pulse
13. Ice Beam
14. Blizzard
15. Hyper Beam
16. Giga Impact
17. Protect
18. Rain Dance
19. Giga Drain
20. Shadow Claw
21. Frustration
22. SolarBeam
23. Draco Bullet
24. Thunderbolt
25. Thunder
26. Earthquake
27. Return
28. Dig
29. Psychic
30. Shadow Ball
31. Brick Break
32. Double Team
33. Stone Edge
34. Dark Pulse
35. Flamethrower
36. Sludge Bomb
37. Sandstorm
38. Fire Blast
39. Rock Tomb
40. Aerial Ace
41. Drain Punch
42. Façade
43. X-Scissor
44. Rest
45. Attract
46. Grass Knot
47. Steel Wing
48. U-Turn
49. Flash Cannon
50. Overheat

EDIT: One more thing, the first playable release of this game will be an Alpha. It will contain:
Pallet Town
Route 1
Viridian City
Route 22
Route 2
Viridian Forest

I hope to have it ready by Christmas, but there is no guarantees.

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