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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Wow a lot of people are returning! Great to see y'all back! I guess school is done for some of you all? :D Right after next week I'm done and then it's 6 weeks off for me :3

My new roleplay shall be called Super Smash Bros: Augustine Rush, and I'm still working on dat plot...and still debating whether I should use human versions of the characters or canon characters. I'm leaning towards that, but not sure lol.

What's everyone's opinion towards using canon characters in a roleplay? I'm certain this was asked before. lol
Well, for me its race season's over, but everyone else is done school so whatever...

On topic, I think it depends. Do we play as the canon characters? If so, that's a big no-no in my book. If the canon characters are NPC's, then it works. Smash bros RP? Sounds awesome, sounds like I'm going to try to join that.
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