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Uh, hello, I'll be tardily enlisting in the death battle tournament. Please be kind! :O
Lost against: Cirnysheep/Army 9, but hope to get PMed proper one.
Lost against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFkyIDKWhy)/Army officially 9
Lost against: Jake♫ (Jakeeeee♫)/ Army 8.
Lost Against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFlyIDKWhy) /Army 7
Lost Against: WooHooFTW (WoohooDTW)/Army 6
Lost Against: WooHooFTW (WoohooFTW)/Army 5
Lost Against: WooHooFTW (WoohooFTW)/Army 4
Lost Against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFlyIDKWhy)/ Army 3
Lost Against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFlyIDKWhy)/ Army 2
Lost Against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFlyIDKWhy) Army 1
Lost Against: Jellicentfan1 (GolurkCanFlyIDKWhy)/ Army 0 !!

FINALLY! LOL! Now I can go be a Mercenary like Golurk!! :D
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