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Delilah Harris

Harris' eyes shifted toward the other Hylian amongst the group, who was whispering to himself and just didn't seem okay overall. Not that anyone would be okay, considering the situation they all found themselves in, but the surprise on the Hylian's face as he removed his cap told Harris he had another thing going on. And he did. A head flew out of the cap and started zipping around this way and that in between shrieks of terror, and Harris had to quickly evade it a couple of times in order to avoid it colliding into her. It was gross looking, to put it simply. Of all the creatures she had seen back at home, she had never seen anything quite like this one. As Harris had noted before, it was a head. A grossly shrunken head with red eyes and wings protruding from the sides of it like enormous ears.

The Hylian whose hat the creature came from picked it up and apologized to the robot it had landed in front of, but the giant didn't appear to be phased by the disturbance and threw a book onto the floor before pounding together its fists. Harris looked around the room with an expression that said, "You have got to be ****ing kidding me." Everybody here was crazy as sin. A guy who spoke to himself and stored a floating head in his hat, a human sized BIRD, and a giant robot/rock thing that liked to destroy everything in sight regardless of what value it might have held before it was torn to worthless pieces. I am not about to be stuck here for too long.

"As long as we're safe in a sanctuary like the one we're in, you may still call me Zelda. There's no fear of eavesdropping here..." the wolf said, looking right at Harris who, in turn looked at her with a dismissive expression. The battered beast lay her head onto her paws as a pink thing flew out from somewhere on her head and, with a puff of smoke, turned into a really tall woman. She introduced herself as Ash and then shot a look at Harris as she spoke about keeping "wise ass comments to yourself". Why is everyone lookin' at me? I didn't do ****.

"Zelda is right; if you do this on your own, you will die, and no one is going to risk their own life to try and rescue yours," said Ash. "I didn't want anybody's aid anyways," Harris muttered. Ash went on to explain that there were food, pillows, and a couple of other things available to make the group more comfortable. She then suggested that they introduce one another. Harris' nose wrinkled at this. She was always terrible at introducing herself to strangers and she wasn't very keen on doing so now, especially if she was the first one to open her mouth. Besides, anything she said would probably rub the others in the wrong way; the six words she said before already upset some. "You'll have to forgive her... She can be rather cruel, but it's only in our best interest... She is right... So, would any of you like to explain something about yourself?" Zelda asked. Harris looked at the others impassively, waiting for them to speak first so she could do so afterward and not look as awkward. However, her effort to prevent an awkward situation failed utterly as her stomach broke the moment of silence with a plead for food. ****. **** you stomach. "I'm Harris and all the biggest pillows belong to me," she said vacantly, not realizing how much of an ass she came off as.
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