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Originally Posted by RandomTrainerWhoCould View Post
It would be quite hilarious, really, to live in a world the size of a regular state/province. Hey, at least I can catch pokemon, but i wouldn't try to stop team plasma because their plans are somewhat stupid. I'd just relax with my pokemon and live happily ever after :]
If I may just address this without going off-topic...

Unova is considered a region. Not an entire world. Even in the anime, Ash is revealed to head to Unova from Pallet Town, as are Team Rocket. It is its own region in a big Pokémon world. Even places like Oblivia, Almia, and Fiore (another series) combined with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova all make up the known world and theories exist on where each is located in the huge world (hence why Unova has been considered as a reinvention of New York with Castelia City being the namesake).

That should about sum it up. Unova is basically its own region. That's about it.

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