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Some F2P games are also known as P2W (pay to win) and not without reason. One has to put a lot of hours into a game to get good things if they're a freeloader, and it's usually impossible to unlock everything (even just everything relevant to one character or playstyle) without paying whatever the combined cost of every 'micro'-transaction is, which would probably be equivalent to subscription fees as new content is released periodically. This depends on the game of course, but being someone who doesn't spend money frivilously and least of all on immaterial things, I notice it quite easily. I would find something subscription-based to feel like a more satisfying and complete game, but I don't think $15/month is at all reasonable when the average customer expenditure on F2P games is probably a lot less than that and yet the companies apparently still profit from them. I would prefer a subscription if the provider of it wasn't trying to suck everyone dry for no good reason.

To answer OP's question, I presume that an F2P game requires less of an initial investment to set up and is easier to profit from. While it is not ultimately more profitable, a small company faces less risk in setting an one up. There is also the consumer attitude toward subscriptions, but I don't think that matters for much.

Originally Posted by RockManFan View Post
I think everyone has pretty much covered the reasons for f2p (ca$h money) but what f2p games do you guys play?
Blacklight: Retribution
Tribes Ascend
I should also keep playing Eden Eternal, but I'm not really into MMORPGs.
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