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James Joules Garnet - Mt. Coronet -> Route 208

"Never heard of Bisharp, you say?" James began, somewhat surprised. "I'd never thought about it, and Lisbon isn't particularly informative of anything I don't ask." Bringing a hand to his chin as he walked with Aria, James wondered aloud. "Mother and Father had never spoken of a knightly pokémon either, so perhaps he really is from a faraway place." James would ask Lisbon at some point, but every time he tried to speak to the pokéspirit now, he merely answered with a brief "Hmph".
James wasn't bothered enough to pay the sulking spirit any heed at the moment, and thus gave up on talking to Lisbon after the third time addressing him.

When Aria pulled food from her bag and offered him some, James at first didn't respond with anything more than a chuckle. The girl had a good sense of humour, it seemed. When she didn't pull her hand back after a few moments and greedily swallow the lot of the food after a good few seconds, James arched an eyebrow. "Hold on, you're serious?" James took the food from her without delay when he was completely sure it wasn't a trick, only to gorge himself on it. Aria was right, it wasn't a feast, but it certainly /was/ satisfying. When he was done munching on the last of the food, James realized how much of a greedy galoot he must have looked like to Aria while eating the food. James had become so accustomed to eating alone that he'd forgotten his manners while eating in company. Blushing a great deal, he wiped his mouth with his hand and looked at the ground, not daring to look at Aria. "My apologies... That was rather unlike me..." James could only hope she didn't judge him too harshly for being so rude, and continued on walking, still red-faced and unable to move his gaze from the ground in front of him.

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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