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Update: I am testing out the vs. screens and last pokemon messages for the arena. So far the vs screens are working, I'm partially through level 10 since I got distracted by a couple side projects. I'll probably work on them in some form of order, one on one day then the next and so on. I do wish that it was as easy to change graphics on my rom hack as it is on this lol, took me two full days to get a working one and I'm only not messing with it because I don't want to screw it up again ><

Back to this game, I'm hoping to get all the wild pokemon included along with the whole arena in beta 4 so it will basically be a full game (just without legendaries or a story really). I'm pretty much done wild pokemon, only a few left to add in and map but I'll finish that probably before the arena is done. Then I'll figure out the last few npc trades I want to do, but that will be after I do the wild pokemon.
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