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Quote originally posted by Kaitou:
Hey, Champloo, we've still yet to talk about what I can EV for you. XD And I'll take a free non-shiny Terrakion if I may lol.
I believe I replied to your PM. In any case shoot me another PM and we'll discuss this further, Terrakion and all.
Quote originally posted by Chip:
I'll design a few banners, in trade for the following pokemon. I want them shiny, in a regular poké ball, under level 20, preferred male. No hacked pokemon! : charmander, gible, larvitar, bagon and dratini. Please, please make them learn dragon dance and outrage (or something like that). I'm on platinum, heartgold, black, white 2. How more pokemon I get, how more banners I will make. I have years of experience, you can expect quality. Thanks.
I'm currently not doing BP/CP request so if I ever do get to those than I'll let you know otherwise sorry. I'm currently busy just doing Capture RNG's I'll get to Breeding RNG's soon enough.
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