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The Wii
Nintendo's long-running line of Wii Consoles is getting yet another addition to the family this holiday season with the Wii Mini (How many is that now? Three?). However, there is a catch. The console does not have USB plugs for microphones and keyboards, no SD card to put your games and saves on, and does not have wireless communication features, meaning that you cannot play online with friends in another city/country. And just like the recently released Wiis, it also does not contain support for Nintendo GameCube games. However, it is currently only being released in Canada on December 6th for $99.99, with no word on other countries yet.

If this revision of the Wii was being released everywhere, instead of just Canada, would you buy it? Why? Of all the features they removed, which was the worst to remove? What kind of people would most benefit from getting a stripped-down version of the Wii?

Picture inside:

Official Nintendo of America page
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