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Curious :o I think it's a pretty cool idea tbh, it'd be perfect for people that use the Wii casually for things like Wii Fit or Just Dance or whatever and they can't afford to buy the original console to just play a couple of games on (assuming it's cheaper... it must be, right?) I personally wouldn't buy for myself one since I love playing online and I'd hate not having SD storage or USB ports for gaming accessories, but that's just because I spend far too much of my time playing far too many games. I would however buy it for my mother since she constantly talks about wanting to borrow our Wii to play Just Dance on as a form of exercise but then can't work out how to set the whole thing up, whereas theoretically the new mini-Wii would be much more simple as there'd be far less settings and features to worry about. So assuming it's significantly cheaper than the original console with all the capabilities I think it's a good idea, just not for me personally. Also it looks really cool!
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