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I have no idea how Kotetsu Vs Ash will turn out. I can see Ash winning and again I can see Ash losing. I have a really odd feeling about Virgil. I just started thinking, they are doing a lot of Eevee Promotions lately. I know Eevee is popular, but we don't usually get this many promotions focusing around Eevee.

Virgil may be our connection to the next game. I have an odd feeling that Virgil's Eevee may evolve in his battle against Ash/Kotetsu into a new Eeveolution. This is highly unlikely, I know, but I'm just finding the random addition of Eevee into the plot and a character who uses ONLY Eevee forms to be really wierd.

I think there may be more focus on Virgil as the tournament progresses further. Still think Ash will lose to Virgil if he wins against Kotetsu.
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