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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@Nakuzumi: Because Goku vs Anne Frank can only end in two ways--Really bad fanfiction or brain numbingly stupid combat.

But yeah. I don't see any issue with expanding the cast somewhat, but not having limits is probably not a great idea because it would get tedious making overpowered / underpowered characters balanced.

Then again, I'm bias against extra work because I'll probably just nab Princess Peach and sneeze my way across the horizon.
. . . Just because Anne Frank would kick Goku's arse is no reason to be afraid to open the blinds!
There would be limits, of course. Perhaps only certain types of games, or just games with a certain rating? Maybe characters that fight in a certain way . . . then again, something tells me that Peach's beets aren't really as effective as Samus' grenades, lol. So certain characters could just be . . . "downgraded" a bit.
(I'd probably kidnap Yoshi, lol)
Uh . . . maybe certain Marvel/DC characters? I dunno. . . . Lol.
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