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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post

That is the role of religion though isn't it? Fills in the blanks. Answers that which science cannot, until science ultimately can. To give people a peace of mind in the mean time

This, this, and exactly this..

You look back at the Greeks and think "what the hell are they thinking? Lightning gods and flaming chariots in the sky?", yet most people's beliefs are just as absurd.

Science has proved many, many religions wrong, yet there is still controversy.

Until science improves, there is no answer. So, half the population DOESN'T TRY TO GET AN ANSWER, and makes up a fake one. Then, the other half actually tries, and then the first half gets mad at them for proving them wrong.


Yeah, I don't buy that kind of stuff. That guy was definitely looking for attention or is way too convinced about something.

Could've been tripping, though.
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