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Thare were a lot of othar thugz n tha taurnbeent and Ash faces off aganst Trip, Stephan and Kotetsu pretty early n it seems. We can't even sez Ash will make tap 8 dis time, Virgil may lose after beatng Ash after all.

I'm unfotunately one of tha thugz that believe that if Ash wns, tha Anime ends so tha writers will purposefully make him lose at some pont near tha end just ta keep tha stary gong. We won't know what place he makes until tha taurnbeent ends.

As fo what's next, tha League ends tha Journey fo that region. Really can't sez thay won't end it, but Gen 5 isn't somethng that's easy ta predict. If thay reset tha Anime like thay did tha gbees, than thare is dawgy possibilities fo Ash on how far he'll make it. Course as a double edged sword he may pull anothar Kanta. Ash met Ritchie just befoe enterng tha League and loses ta him right befoe thay start tha real battles. Virgil can be dis generation's Ritchie.

What I'm pretty much waitn fo now is ta see if Virgil's Eevee evolves nta somethng new or if someone mentions anothar region ta give Ash a reason ta keep gong rathar than go back ta Kanta like Tebe Rocket did.
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