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@Machomuu: No offense, but after last time we had a 'disagreement' I'm not inclined to believe that this one will lead anywhere productive. That being said, perhaps it would be upstanding to become adequately familiar with the game in question before giving advice relating to it... I might also recommend that you attempt to think of reasons why someone might find the situation you propose undesirable on your own.

@TornZero: That was actually totally what I was referring to. Y'know that "Haa-cha!" noise Peach makes when using her Peach bomber? That's her sneezing. Her sneezes send her /flying/ into people. That's literally what that attack is.

I don't know who my second or third choice would be, come to think of it. I never bothered to think of it because Peach wins first place by a very large margin, so I'm honestly not all that partial to anyone else.

@Leaf Storm: No problem! Glad I could give you ideas to work with.

@Wolf: Capcom seems to have jumped the shark. I honestly don't see any of their characters joining the Brawl. I'm neutral as to people being able to play them in the RP. While they're pretty legit choices, I almost would prefer the structure of there being a pretty limited selection of characters, though. Chaos leads to confusion and people choosing lesser known/non-nintendo characters nobody else knows about, which starts to defeat the premise a bit when you join a Smash Bros RP and don't really know anything about the characters in it.