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1. Writing. This includes novels, short stories, and occasional fan fiction. Considering writing is my job, though, this may not really count as "free time."
2. Roleplaying. I only roleplay on my two sites and a third that I consider more "casual." (I admit, I treat mine like jobs. )
3. AIM. I instant message friends to chat.
4. Tumblr. I only signed up to follow blogs with lots of images but I do reblog a lot of junk.
5. Facebook. I hate Facebook but I use it to communicate with family members who don't have cell phones or use AIM.
6. The rest is used on listening to music/finding new music, reading manga, watching anime/random videos, or playing video games like Plants vs. Zombies.

I spend probably 80% of an average day on the computer since I live in a small town 45 minutes away from all my family and friends. It's just me and the fiance living out here, so I stay connected mostly through the internet.

My websites:

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