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I'll try this one!

Username: Porygon Z
Game: Yellow

What I've done so far: started the game, did the Pokèdex stuff, caught Pidgey, Mankey, Nidoran (male) and Rattata (only for Cut). Boxed Pikachu and Pidgey for now. Passed through Viridian Forest, trained Mankey a lot. Saved.

Mankey Lv. 13 - Scratch, Leer, Low Kick
Rattata Lv. 4 - Tackle, Tail Whip
3DS Friend Code: 1864-9474-4763 (Matthew)
Safari Zone: Ice-type, Snover/Bergmite/Dewgong

Emblems awarded so far

Owner of Tri-Species Challenge, Version 3.0
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