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@PinkSapphire: What WolfOfEve said. There's no point in being filled in on events your character wasn't present for. What you need to know is that it's currently Thanksgiving and perhaps what people's characters are up to currently. I happen to know that Valorie is somewhere between Oak Town and The Academy surrounded by boys with Mark, Kilik, her mother, and her father. They're currently... talking.

@Everyone: So I finally got around to being sick of feeling like nobody was going to catch up to Valorie's pokemon levels and took the liberty of handing out massive level deductions to her entire team, excluding two certain pokemon who didn't have impressive levels to begin with. Her team is now as followed, and level-locked at that. (Meaning her pokemon won't gain further levels.)

Charizard ♀ Lv. 40 (Dragon Pulse, Crunch, Fire Blast, Belly Drum, Mimic, Rock Slide)
Dragonite ♀ Lv. 46 (Superpower, Barrier, Ice Beam, Safeguard, Extremespeed, Dragon Rush)
Flygon ♀ Lv. 34 (Crunch, Attract, Fire Blast, Mimic, Dragon Claw, Roost)
Jellicent ♀ Lv. 32 (Giga Drain, Brine, Night Shade, Recover, Water Spout, Wring Out -Causes Paralysis-)
Haxorus ♀ Lv. 38 (Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Night Slash, Protect, Reversal, Counter)
Mamoswine ♂ Lv. 34 (Ancient Power, Body Slam, Amnesia, Ice Shard, Superpower, Curse)
Shu ♂ Lv. 20 (Night Shade, Telekinesis, Hidden Power (Fighting), Disable, Heal Block, Protect)
Kiyoko ♂ Lv. None (None)
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