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Yea.. Marlon wasnt tough at all. I love the fact that he is so care free ( admitting it did strike me as odd why he wouldnt help with team plasma ) but it makes more sense then some would think. To be on a coastal rim especially right down the road from a rich society such as undella ( im guessing due to the see-through to the sea floors in the houses ) that humila ( however its spelled ) is even more lavish. He completely devotes his life to the ocean, which would also show why he is the 8th gym leader because he is just like his pokemon which means he is probably way more fine tuned to what needs to be done ( it all also can kind of play in with what N wants - the pokemon living beside humans outside of pokeballs ) I just imagine him in the ocean swimming with wailord and carracosta.
I wish he would of been more of a challenge and also more of a presence earlier in the story so the player would be more used to his attitude before he turns down helping foil plasma
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