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Emma VanBoven
(Littleroot Town)
"Ahhh... Here at last." says Emma, entering Littleroot Town, while wishing she hadn't skipped lunch. She walks up to a man, and asks, "Excuse me, sir? You wouldn't happen to know where I could find Professor Birch's Lab, would you?"
The man says in an annoyed voice, "Just down this road,than make a left."
Emma replies, "Thank you, sir. I'll be on my way now." She walks down the road, and makes the left. She enters the lab, staring at the sheer amount of papers everywhere. "Excuse me? Professor Birch? Are you there?"
"Yes? Who is it?" said Prof. Birch, emerging from behind one of the bookcases.
"Hello, I'm Emma VanBoven, and I'm here to get my very first pokemon for my journey. May I see the choices?" says Emma enthusiastically, wondering about the choices.
"Emma? Oh yes, that Emma. Well, follow me." He leads her to the back yard, where there are 3 pokemon, Slugma, Feebas, and Phanpy. "They are all playing together right now, so which one do you want to take on your journey for the Pokemon League?" says the Prof.
"Oh, I don't want one for battling, I'm going to be a coordinator." Emma says as she observes the pokemon, carfulling deciding which she wants. "Oh my Arceus! That Phanpy is so cute with it's little ball!" She says as she watches the little pokemon play with it's ball. "I'll take him! And a sutable name for you would be... Hmm... I'll think of it later, but come on you little blue thing! We'll win the Wallace Cup for sure!" The Phanpy is excited that he was chosen, and cuddles up with Emma's leg.
"Well, here's Phanpy's pokeball, and some more for catching others along the way to Odale. Have a safe trip! Oh! I almost forgot! Here's a pokedex, for recording the data of pokemon you meet. Now, have a safe trip!" the Prof. says as Emma walks out of the lab.
"Bye! I promise to take good care of Phanpy!" Emma says, while thinking of a name for he Phanpy. "Well, Mr. Phanpy, what do you want to be called? How about Blue?" The pokemon shakes his head, "Sam? Roller?" The pokemon finally nods on the second one Emma had just mentioned. "Roller it is! Well, our journey starts here, let's go!"
"Phan! Phanpy!" says Roller in approval.

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