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Anime wise, only other hints as possible return is Kanto. Team Rocket left at the end of their arc back to Kanto so to keep the main Antagonist they'd have to go back to Kanto. Especially since Giovanni is planning something new.

There's not really anything for Ash to do in Hoenn anymore. Everything made for Hoenn has been done already. We can still get a hint for Gen 6 in the anime as well since the tournament hasn't ended yet so odds are he can still go to a new region at the end of Unova.

Nothing says Gen 6 cannot come out in Fall of 2013. Anything is fair game now and there haven't been any hints on what's next unless you count Team Rocket returning to Kanto. In which case, Kanto is where Ash is going next.

BTW we already know about half the tournament right now. Most of the main Characters have already battled and only 3 major ones are still in with 2 facing off next leaving 2 for the episodes after that. Which will come fairly quickly.