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I've been seeking a World Championship Pikachu - just one. Had no replies in the Quick Trade thread to date. I'm not sure what I have that I could offer you for any one (I honestly don't care about nature, IVs, etc. as any competition-intended Pokémon I can breed from my Japanese Ditto, which is flawless). The best I can offer is a clone of my EB Games Keldeo or the recent Event Genesect (I can get data related to each - and yes, clone, I am keeping the original and one clone of each for both the Black and White 2 Pokédex, but can clone additional as needed).

I also have the VGC Larvitar and the Movie14 Victini, among many others I can't recall off the top of my head. Finally, if Shinies interest you, I have a legitimate Lv.7 Shiny Nincada untouched that I transferred into Unova from SoulSilver (which originally received it from Emerald) just the other day, found and caught on Route 116 there. Unfortunately I can't trade on Gen. IV right now, only Gen. V, so I wonder if that's of interest? I can provide the data as it appears in Gen. IV; in V, it mentions traveling through time.

(I can also provide Pokémon caught in SoulSilver as well, such as that Snorlax from Route 11, or the Lugia, Latios, Latias...but I'm guessing you've already seen these and they're chump change.)


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