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Originally Posted by UltraNerdtendo64 View Post
How far into the game does this go?
I would like to thoroughly play an actual DECENT Crystal Remake.
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
The current Beta 2 covers all the events of Johto and the Kanto Elite Four battles. I am sure he will add Kanto session in new beta 3
This is true, Beta 2 finishes right after the first credits (after the Champion).
Originally Posted by KirakonGxi View Post
Cool Hack .. I love your Tiles.. I need To learn how to make the cool Hack like you...and right now i'm gonna play this Hack.. Wooohoo!!
My tiles? Haha, most of them are FireRed tiles. The custom ones, however, you can thank Pokémon Palladium Project for.
Originally Posted by eragon_1121 View Post
Really appreciate the fast updates. Unfortunately, I've noticed a few other problems. The pokedex doesn't register the pokemon I catch, so my starter is the only pokemon that my pokedex says I own. Also, the pokegear doesn't register any trainers, except for Youngster Joey, even though the dialogue it triggered, so the only people whose phone numbers I have are Mom, Professor Elm, and Joey. Hoping you can find a fix for these, thanks.
The first one, I'm not having. Pokémon register fine for me. The Pokégear not registering any trainers is because I haven't programmed them in yet due to a lack of knowledge about how they work.
Originally Posted by UltraNerdtendo64 View Post
Actually it does.
You have to leave the route, then go talk to the . One example is Fisherman Ralph (He is south from Violet City)
I talked to him after the battle. Nothing. I went to heal up, talked to him again, he asked to register me. I said yes and now he tells me when rare Pokemon are available to encounter in the water.
...No, this doesn't work. Like I said, I haven't programmed the trainers in. So he can't call you for any rare Pokémon in the water...
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
So this means that registering feature of Gen 2 is still available in this hack. Cool

Nope, sorry, not yet.

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