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Oh the Christmas Challenge sounds good! Already thinking on what I can use on FireRed if I find it and decided to do this challenge (forget about the normal monotype I already have on it haha. I could always try that challenge again afterwards).

As for the Challenge I'm doing on my White it's pretty simple? Just choose a Pokemon Trainer from the Anime (so different from the PWT one) and use their team to complete the game. If they're a character that goes across different regions use the team that they have in said region, and if it's a character where you see them gain Pokemon throughout (like Ash) you start using the Pokemon when they started using them. Also same movesets as the Pokemon and such as well if possible. /o/; On my White I'm doing none other than Ash's Unova team so I'm balancing ten Pokemon and using whatever Pokemon he used in ___ gym in the anime at that gym. For the Elite Four I'll use the first six we see him use in the league/know he will use in the league. Yup ... i'm a dork.
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