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Certain legendaries, such as the dogs, birds, the lake trio, and Mew are really not all that powerful and can be easily beaten by many pokemon of a relative strength. Legendary status does not denote strength. For instance, the lake trio is pretty pathetic across the board in battle. Only one of them has respectable offenses combined with above average speed, and that one is fragile and still outclassed by such things as Alakazam, a pokemon who has been repeatedly shafted each generation.

Legendary status doesn't denote strength or even the ability to win a fight in any way. It mostly just denotes some sort of extraordinary ability, which could be as useless as being able to generate marshmallows out of thin air. While I don't normally recommend using the competitive metagame in RP for any reason, I might in this case recommend simply giving the Ubers tier a quick glance to see which legendary pokemon are considered broken/god tier in power. In this case, it's a pretty good indication of which pokemon are realistically too powerful in RP.